Furniture Fabrication and Restoration

We can build made-to-order custom wood furniture for Monmouth and Ocean County customers and also restore older wooden furniture to its former glory!

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Custom Wood Furniture Builders

For residents of Central NJ who want something different than traditional furniture, our custom wood furniture is made to order and with a personal touch that exudes personality and adds flair to whatever room it’s in. Whether it’s a bookcase, shelving, couch, chair, table, or anything else, we have the experience necessary to create something you’ll be truly proud of. Make your space your own when you get in touch with Sikora Architectural about our custom wood furniture.

Wood Furniture Restoration

We’ll do more than just build you new furniture. If you have old wooden furniture that’s lost some of its shine, our team of woodworking experts can restore it to its former glory. Instead of buying new furniture, just make your old furniture feel brand new! We have experience restoring all kinds of wooden furniture, so don’t hesitate to contact us for an affordable way to bring life back into your home!