Stained Glass Framing and Installation

Sikora Architectural does more than just woodworking. For any stained glass installation in New Jersey & New York, we have the experience necessary to frame it and make it look beautiful!

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Contact us today with any questions about stained glass window installation, framing, or restoration. We’re looking forward to working with you!

Monmouth County Stained Glass Framing

We’ve worked with numerous churches in the northeast to help install and frame large-scale stained glass windows, adding a layer of beauty and breathtaking attention-grabbers to any room. Our custom stained glass frames are built to order based on your unique needs, including LED light panels, and are installed with prompt professionalism and efficiency.

Restored Stained Glass Windows Central NJ

While we have plenty of experience installing brand new stained glass windows, we’ll also help restore older stained glass windows that don’t shine quite as brightly as they used to. With a brand new custom wood frame alongside our stained glass window partner, you can inject new life into an old window. We will work with any NJ and NY churches or religious establishments looking for the best way to brighten up their place of worship!